Walking in Happiness


Simple walk makes your life better

Conscious walking spring on the beach

Because walking makes you present and conscious.

Why do I have to be conscious and present? How would it help me to live a better life? A new-born baby is a pretty much stress to our entire life! Everything changes the moment you become a new mom. “Will my life ever be as it was before? Will I ever belong to myself again? What will happen with my career? my personal life?

Oh gosh :-) Yes, we need to find the way to make our mind be our friend not enemy.

Walking Makes You Present in Life

Many of us have enjoyed all-time best productivity adviser Get-It-Done-Guy that shares this vision –  a simple walk makes your life better! How to walk to have a better life and live in present? Here we go, some nice quotations from his latest podcast on How to Stop Living in Future:

 Tip #2: Take a Walk When you feel yourself obsessing about the future a little too much, take a walk….Before you leave the house, make a plan. Plan to walk and just enjoy moving your body. Science has shown that we don’t just think with our brains; our entire bodies get involved. Get moving and enjoy a change of scenery. The point is to relax and enjoy the moment, physically.”

Unconscious smile

It happens unnoticeable; at one point you catch yourself smiling

That’s a good sign of a mental relief. Magical transformation happens in your body and soul: you feel great and smile just out of nothing after a decent walk.

Walking helps to focus, to be present and to enjoy having an extraordinary life!

How to turn a walk into enjoyable healing time not just automated moving from A to B:

Turn your cell phone silent

Leave your electronics at home. As Get it Done guy says: ” They interrupt and distract. They are built to pull you away from the moment”. Well, let me make some adjustments here: Yes, a guy without a kid can leave his cell phone at home for a mindful short walk, but we, moms, just can’t do that. What if something happens with my child – we don’t even have a phone to call for help. Nope. Just turn your phone silent. When your walk is done, you’ ll switch it on again. Moms should be secure. Period.

Practice Mindfulness

When I’m talking on Dynamic Meditation – that’s what I exactly mean: Meditate on the go while you are walking with your baby. It’s the simplest practice of making your brain relax and calm down. Look what Get-it-Done Guy says:

Mindfulness practice is another way to be present. Simply sit quietly and notice your breathing for several minutes. Just be aware of the world around you. And most importantly, watch your thoughts and describe your thoughts to yourself. Do not change anything. Just observe and notice. You’ll find yourself becoming present and calmer.

Since we are practicing mindfulness on the go – moms simply can’t sit. Actually, we don’t need to. Same practice works perfectly well while we are walking with our sleeping babies in the strollers. During the first walks you will find yourself thinking of all that annoying stuff that comes to your mind. Let it happen. Just observe your thoughts. You’ll soon realize that you are not thinking anymore: you start observing. Observing means living in present. No more annoying thoughts. You will start smiling after 40 minutes of walks. No thoughts. Such a relief!

Walking with the baby gives you an incredible opportunity to find yourself belonging to this world

Just do it consciously. Walk and observe, move and enjoy motion, relax and meditate. Contemplation is a good healer. When the walk is done, you will feel happier and full of energy.


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