Tike Tech X3 All Terrain Sport Jogging Stroller Review

Tike Tech X3 All Terrain Sport Jogging Stroller Review, reviewed by Lena on 2014-02-07T10:00:34+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5


Overall Rating

Tike Tech X3 at first glance:

This is an off-road jogger with a surprisingly good on-road performance.
You’re more likely to speed walk or jog with it than actually run. In fact:

Tike Tech X3 stroller has a really smooth ride, extremely spacious headroom and an adjustable handlebar. Besides that, it’s car seat compatible. Sounds like a dream, right?

So why is it dragging its wheels behind BOB SUS, Baby Jogger FIT or even a Jeep stroller?

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Tike Tech X3 Stroller Review.
On Closer Inspection: where is the foot rest?

We could blame its slightly clunky look or maybe the vague price tag.
But our main gripe is that the manufacturers seem to have overlooked one rather important detail. Maybe it was nearly time for lunch or someone had to run to pick up the kids? Whatever it was, all thoughts of putting in a footrest went out the window.
Check out this little guy flailing around trying to find somewhere to put his designer trainers: one foot up, the other foot up, lotus position – it seems like he just doesn’t know what to do with himself. Or maybe he’s a budding advertising genius just trying to give the best shot of the Nike logo on his tracksuit bottoms? You decide:-)

Another downside of Tike Tech X3 is the tricky basket. It’s large but good luck putting something bulky in it.
There is a bar going across the front of it (to add sturdiness, which is a pretty good idea) but, combined with the perhaps 4” clearance room, makes it tricky to get things in or out of there. On the other hand, you could see this as a bonus, as any criminal element thinking about swiping something from it will move on to an easier target.

Suitable for taller kids: thanks to the height of the seatback, it’s suitable even for taller toddlers (the headroom is a nice 25 inches).
High-end IFD shocks (Independent Frame Damping) cancel out vibrations at wheel impact making for a really super smooth ride.

Sports Performance
Daily Usage
Walkingmama Rating

The look and feel: if a Hummer and a Ford Focus got together, the result would probably look like the Tike Tech X3. Luckily, it puts comfort above attractiveness and at 26lbs is comparable with Joovy Zoom ATS or BOB SUS jogging strollers.

What does Dad say?

‘Tough but amazingly light. Tike Tech is well worth the already reasonable price.’

A man of few words.

Tike Tech X3 Sports Performance

Includes: Easy Ride, Stability, Durability, Alignment, Handle, Off-road and Safety.

Easy Ride:
The Tike Tech is quite a good runner despite its bulky looks. Parents love the way it moves and rave about its smooth ride. A bit of grunt work is needed to get it moving but that’s mainly due to the shock absorbers. Once you get it going though, it’s like pushing air.  It’s not that heavy, but it also doesn’t roll itself like the Schwinn Instep Arrow or BOB Ironman. Compared to the Baby Jogger FIT, I’d say that it’s slightly worse when it comes to lightness and maneuverability.

Nothing much to say here – it feels stable!

This stroller will be around for a long time – a bit like Madonna but less annoying. It has a slightly less than standard 60lb weight capacity (all Top5 joggers weigh 70lbs). Some parents have trained for two marathons with this stroller and I’m pretty sure the stroller was in better shape than they were by the end of it.

No particular complaints. Tike Tech has front wheel adjustable tracking – you simply have to adjust a little lever if sometimes it veers a little to one side or the other.

It has an angled adjustable handlebar just like the Jeep Overland or Schwinn/Instep Arrow. Love it!

This is where the Tike Tech really comes into its own. Even at a jog, it can handle a variety of off-road conditions and goes over bumps, and up and down curbs with ease. The IFD shocks do a great job absorbing the bumps. A silky smooth ride!

A tethering strap goes from top to bottom just like BOB’s, and it also features an additional chest harness. So unless your kid is Houdini, he isn’t going anywhere. A one-tap foot brake works for both wheels.


If you like being on wheels too, you’ll love the Tike Tech. I know of one rollerblading mom who returned another perfectly good stroller in favour of the Tike Tech. She admitted that the quality was a bit better on the other one, but the suspension and firm seat were what made her go with the Tike Tech in the end.

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Is Tike Tech X3 Stroller good for Strollnetics?

Indeed. The adjustable handle bar works it all: Arms, Abs and Buttocks shaping can be done easily!

Tike Tech X3 Stroller Real Life Usage:
ease of use, child’s comfort, storage space and parent’s extras

Well-made and easy to use. But while it’s comfortable for even future basketball players, there’s still the foot rest issue to contend with.

Tike Tech X3 Ease of use – includes Folding, Adjusting and Use of Harnesses.

Easy one-step folding. Stands locked when folded.

Adjusting and Use of Harnesses:
The additional chest harness seems like a cool idea. Then you realize that you’re going to have to make this extra movement to fasten your child around 20 times a day. Well, I’d rather skip that.

Storage: Plenty of storage, including the underneath basket (very roomy), a backseat mesh and the inner poskets for the kid’s stuff

Child’s comfort includes:  a reclining seat, seat height & width, canopy, foot rest, quality of fabrics and suspension.

It’s nicely padded but also firm so your child won’t be sliding around all over the place. The seat and canopy height Tike tech x3 all terrain single jogging strollerare taller than most (21″ seat back and 25″ head room) – in a quick comparison with the other Top Jogging Strollers, this one came out on top. Literally.

Recline: Tike Tech reclines flat on the strap.

This is one of the best features of the Tike Tech X3. You can get out and about in all weathers, safe in the knowledge that your kid won’t end up looking like a tomato. The removable canopy extends far lower than any other stroller I’ve seen and has a peek-a-boo window so you can also keep an eye out for any mischief going on inside.

Foot rest:
Well, there’s no such extra. Oops! However, this issue has an advantage, as thanks to this, the Tike Tech has a nice long leg drop (9.5″), which makes this stroller suitable for taller kids.


Fabric quality:
The quality isn’t that great but the good news is that it wipes clean – music to every parent’s ears.

Parent extras:
The infant car seat adapter has to be purchased separately but it fits in most recent-model cars. Just snap your car seat onto the stroller and go. There’s also an optional bassinet attachment that converts your sport stroller into a pram, meaning you only have to buy one stroller.
You can spend the money you save on the water bottle holder or a rain cover, which also have to be purchased separately.

Unique features:
IFD Shox and a dual rear suspension make for an exceptionally smooth ride. A huge canopy and the highest seatback for taller kids.

It can be hard to push initially. There’s no foot rest and no cup-holders, as well as an inconvenient storage basket.

Car seat compatibility: Yes

Tike Tech X3 features an universal car seat adapter (to be purchased separately). This adapter allows you to use Tike Tech X 3 with the number of most popular car seat models, such as:
Evenflow Embrace, Graco Snugride, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, Britax Companion, Britax Chaperone, Chicco KeyFit

Tike Tech X3 Sports Review’s Conclusion

Great stroller for rollerblading with tiny babies, a dream for taller parents and kiddos – if you can close your eyes to the missing footrest and the clumsy looks.

Lowest Prices Online
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  1. Cynthia says

    Hi Lena,

    My son is 2 months old and I need to start running again. I am having a really difficult time deciding between the BOB sport utility and the Tike Tech All-Terrain X3 Sport Single Stroller, inclining more towards the BOB which would you suggest?

    • Lena says

      Hi Miranda,
      Tike Tech X3 has an universal car seat adapter ( to be purchased separately) which allows you to use several car seat models, such as:
      Evenflow Embrace
      Graco Snugride
      Peg Perego Primo Viaggio
      Britax Companion
      Britax Chaperone
      Chicco KeyFit

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