The Baby Jogger F.I.T. Single Stroller Review

The Baby Jogger F.I.T. Single Stroller Review, reviewed by Lena on 2014-02-20T06:05:38+00:00 rating 4.3 out of 5

Overall Rating

[UPDATE] This review has been updated with the customers feedback on this site in 2013. Baby Jogger FIT really suits taller kids and is typically recommended for older kids. For babies, it’s a bit rough due to the lack of shocks. It’s lightweight and not too big – this is an advantage over BOB or Joovy (it’s more suitable for everyday life). Overall, if I had to choose between Joovy and FIT, I would have a hard time 😉 But perhaps FIT’s car seat capabilities would help me make up my mind!

FIT looks sleek and aspirational, with 1st rate fabrics and construction.
It has achieved a great balance between sports performance and the child’s comfort. It’s a high quality, solid stroller and, as for the reviews, parents just love it!

Walkingmama says: lightweight, with a higher seat, thanks to an up-curved sun canopy that I haven’t seen in other models – this makes it especially suitable for taller kids. The handlebar is placed higher than usual so, taller parents, this might be something you’ll really like!

Baby Jogger FIT Review SUMMARY

FIT is designed to be your beloved running companion and your child’s little riding home: the child’s comfort is a real priority here. Baby Jogger FIT is spacious with a long leg drop. FIT has more than enough storage space. At the same time, it’s not particularly big – it’s shorter (48′ vs 50 inches) than Joovy ATS and BOB Ironman. It fits easily through doorways and, I believe, even on public transport, all the while not sacrificing the child’s comfort: Baby Jogger has one of the highest seat backs and one of the longest leg room spaces (10,6 inches).
It costs less than Joovy ATS or Ironman, probably because no shocks or accessories are included.
The reasonable price isn’t on account of the construction or fabric quality which are both 1st class. What you’re paying for is a reliable, well-engineered jogger.

Sports Performance
Daily Usage
Walkingmama Rating

Is the Baby Jogger FIT good for sports?

It’s very sturdy and stable at jogging speeds, and takes almost no effort when turning curves: there’s no need to lift the front wheel, just pull it.
I rate strollers according to the following criteria: performance, alignment, durability, off-road performance and safety.

  • Performance: how easy it rides.
    Steering is fairly easy and there are no problems turning curves and corners. It turns easily without a whole lot of force. At 25 lbs, it is not the lightest stroller on the market, but it’s by no means heavy. Well-engineered for balance!
  • Durability – FIT is built to last, all the materials are of high quality. Aluminum frame and molded polymer tires.
  • Off-road – It glides easily, however, there are no shock absorbers. The tires are thick and sturdy enough to go on rough gravel trails although, it might be difficult when going over cobblestones or a bumpy road. However, it’s a great stroller for snow and sand.
  • Safety – the hand brake works well. There’s a quality safety harness with padded shoulder straps. The rear parking brake is operated with a knob which is not particularly convenient. I prefer a bar, like BOB Ironman has, but then again, this is a matter of taste. Safety wrist strap. The seat has enough reflection all the way along its perimeter.
  • Alignment – It doesn’t pull at all. However, if it does, usually you just need to loosen or tighten the front wheel and that’s it. I must add – any jogger can have alignment issues, but with FIT there has only been one such complaint, Baby-Jogger-FIT-Stroller- handle-bar-heightwhich is easy to solve – compared with Schwinn Arrow, which has had a lot more complaints about this issue.
  • The handlebar is fixed. However, it’s 41′ from the ground so your feet won’t kick the stroller while running. The handlebar is well-padded for a wipe-clean grip.

Is it suitable for Walkingmama Strollnetics?

As the handle isn’t adjustable,  this jogger is perfect for weight loss walking and especially rollerblading. To do Strollnetics you have to adjust the handle to switch the position of the arms. However, with FIT an arm workout is definitely possible, as the handle bar is placed quite high.

Is the Baby Jogger FIT good for real life?

Is Baby Jogger FIT one you can rely on in your daily life?
Measured against ease of use, child’s comfort, extra storage and parent extras.
Ease of use – includes folding, adjustment and usage of harnesses.

  • Foldingbaby-jogger-fit-folded Baby Jogger patented Quick-Fold collapses with just one hand and within a second by lifting the strap. The easiest folding of all the jogging strollers. It also has a fold strap to keep the stroller folded for transportation or storage. However, the strap doesn’t allow FIT to be stored it in a standing position when it’s folded.
  • Adjustment – how easy and quietly the seat reclines. Reclines deeply and silently, which every parent whose baby has just fallen asleep will appreciate.
  • Harnesses – wide and well-padded.

Baby-Jogger-F.I.T.-Single-Jogging-Stroller-seat reclineChild’s comfort includes reclining seat, width, canopy, foot rest, quality of fabric and suspension.

  • Seat – very comfortable, deep, reclining, padded seat which, like all Baby Jogger models, has a washable seat cover. Roomy (25 inch) seat. The seat height and width are actually larger than most running strollers, including the BOB Ironman. It’s ideal for tall babies who don’t fit into other joggers anymore.
  • Foot rest – quite big with a long drop. Baby Jogger FIT has plenty of leg room which makes sitting really comfortable.
  • Canopy – Its sturdy canopy with up-curved top has been praised by many, as it provides extensive coverage and more space and air for the child. The sun shade Baby-Jogger-FIT-curved-roofoffers great protection. Its clear view window closes securely with magnets which won’t pinch your fingers. The vented top allows air circulation, and it can also be covered. As a drawback, there are no side ventilation pockets. On a hot day, it’s good to have side ventilation.
  • Suspension – as I said earlier, this model has no shocks. Going on rough terrain, bumpy roads etc. can be a bit rough for the child. However, according to the reviews, it’s not really an issue, as it still seems to ride smoothly.
  • Extra storage – there’s ample room in Baby Jogger FIT to bring all your baby gear and more. It has an expandable back seat net and a large, removable storage basket under the seat. Some parents say the net is not particularly big and the underneath basket could be bigger. However, you just need to learn some tricks for packing your stroller, which will allow you to put much more stuff into your jogger than you originally thought.

Parent extras – all accessories have to be purchased separately: even the rain cover is not included. FIT is compatible with a wide range of accessories available for other Baby Jogger models: child tray, parent console, bumper bar, infant seat adapter, and more.


Check out the video on how to install a car seat adapter on a Baby Jogger:

Does it have any weaknesses?

Two weaknesses are worth mentioning:
a non-adjustable handlebar and no shocks (except for the front wheel).
However, according to the reviews, FIT has had almost no suspension complaints: FIT rides smoothly, although going over rugged or broken sidewalks would be less bumpy if it had shocks.

Some consumers say –  FIT feels a little bit heavy to push. This might be a subjective thing, because of the highly placed handlebar, it might make average-height parents feel like more effort is needed to push the stroller. There’s really no other explanation as FIT’s weight is 25lbs (less than Joovy Zoom ATS or BOB SUS), and the wheel size is a standard 16″. Moreover, FIT has no shock absorbers which, in fact, makes the stroller even easier to push.

There are no accessories included – all extras have to be bought separately.



  1. Jose says

    I belive best thing of this jogger is the fact that , it high enough that it can grow with your child , over the bob

    • Lena says

      Hi Jose,

      That’s very true: I’ve tried it with my 4 1/2 years old son – long enough even to sleep! Good for sitting, too thanks to the high canopy’s roof.Can’t say the same about BOB.

  2. Ashley says

    Im trying to find a jogging stroller for my 1 1/2 year old. She is a pretty tall and I want a stroller that I can run with but that is easy to use for everyday use around the mall, shopping, traveling etc. Can you offer a recommendation?

  3. Kblue says

    Hi, I am trying to find this stroller in Australia. I’ve found a Baby Jogger stroller that looks the same called the “Summit XC”. Is this the same as the FIT or is it an entirely different model?

    • Lena says


      These are two different strollers:
      Summit XC is a swivel wheel stroller with the 12′ front wheel and 16″ rear wheels. XC it’s suitable for moderate jogging and walking but not for the running or roller blading.
      Baby Jogger FIT is a fixed wheel jogging stroller with three large 16″ wheels ideal for any speedy exercises, incl speed walking, running, jogging and rollerbalding.

      Hope it helps and don’ t hesitate to drop me a line to lena at walkingmama if you have more specific questions re choosing your stroller.
      Have a good day!

  4. Annina says

    This website is awesome. Thanks for your great reviews. I bought the Joovy Zoom ATS last year, for the high quality included features, but I just returned it due to a bad wheel, a broken shade, and frankly because it was just TOO HEAVY. I carefully re-read all of your reviews and think I’m going with the Schwinn Arrow, because it’s the lightest with an adjustable handlebar. We have a very expensive, high-quality Kool Stop double jogger that pushes so easily–we’re spoiled. My husband is 6’7″ and I’m 5’9″ so we appreciate your reviews that focus on tall people and tall kiddos. THANKS. I’ll be sharing your blog far and wide.

    • Lena says

      Hello Annina,

      Thanks for your comment and compliments! I replied to you the same day but now I see my reply didn’t appear in the comments stream – so my apologizes if you already have my reply and this is just some bug in my site:-)
      What I replied was that Schwinn is definitely an option for you and your husband since it has an adjustable handle. Schwinn is a very lightweight stroller as well. I Hope you’ll be satisfied, however, I must notice that the materials used for Schwinn are not of the same quality as of Joovy and Kool. But we have to compromise here:-)
      I also feel sorry about the broken Joovy, as for me this is one of the most reliable and quality strollers on the market. I’ll definitely add your feedback to my Joovy review. And yes, you’re right about the heaviness – Joovy can be heavy for petite moms and you have to be quite athletic to undertake speedy exercises with it.
      Looking forward to your feedback on Schwinn than!
      Cheers and keep walking!

      • Annina says

        Hi Lena,
        I do agree that the Joovy ATS is a fantastic stroller. I’m a new runner, so in the end, the Joovy was just too heavy for me to push (and I’d consider myself very athletic, by no means petite!). You’re right, the materials are not the same with the Schwinn, but I’m VERY happy with it. The adjustable handle, and lightweight aspect are perfect for us. It’s a good looking stroller. Thanks for the great blog and advice. Cheers!

  5. Busy Mommy says

    I have an autistic child who is 6 years old and 50 pounds. I also have a 2 year old Golden Retriever. I walk at least 5 miles a day and I am looking to walk both at once with my child in a stroller, dog on a leash. Would this Baby Jogger FIT be a good stroller to handle for both child and walking a dog at the same time? I want something that is going to last for my child for a long time as I hope to be walking for many years to come with my dog. BTW, I am short, 5’3 and 120 pounds.
    Thanks, Busy Mommy

    • Sarah says

      Hi! I haven’t seen them in real life but the Kool Stride prams cater for older children (and even adults) so maybe check them out :-)

  6. Cari says

    How can I make this adaptable to an infant? Would one of the “infant snuzzlers” work to help secure the child in place?

  7. Juju says

    Hi- I’m looking fir jogging stroller that will work on paved roads and on the beach. I am talk-6ft as is my baby. My baby is only 4 weeks old. Would like something I can run and walk in and can grow with my baby but safe for newborn. Reading your reviews seems like baby jogger fit is best get but can you provide a recommendation? Thanks

    • Lena says

      Hi Juju,

      Baby Jogger FIT is not that great for the newborns, as it has almost no suspension. Will be bumpy – especially if you’re going to run.
      Take a look at Tike Tech X3 – it’s glides smoothly – makes this model more or less good for the newborns, if using an extra padding and keeping a low speed. Most probably you’re thinking about using a car seat – bot models have a car seat option, yes, however, I cannot recommend it as a safe option for the newborn.
      What I can recommend is a Mountain Buggy Terrain – this stroller has an attachable bassinet. This is the only safe option for the newborns. This model is a bit pricey, however.
      With other words, you need a good suspension + flat recline for the newborn, which is difficult to get in one jogging stroller, as typically all of them are good for 6 month and up babies. Fixed front wheel for the beach is better than swivel..
      BOB strollers rides smoothly, but most probably you will outgrow them by 2 1/2 (a bit short seatback)
      Joovy ATS and Schwinn Arrow have no car seat option – thus not suitable for the newborns – that for sure.

      Perhaps the best combination (in terms of safety and price) would be to get an ordinary pushchair with the bassinet, even used one from the craiglist and, after like 4-5 months you can hop into a real jogging stroller, even to Baby Jogger FIT if you like it most.
      I will do the same actually – soon after NY my second child will arrive:-) and I already have an ordinary pushchair, just for the first months, than I’ll get something more sportive and speedy, not overpaying for the bassinet option for a jogging stroller.
      Think over it and if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line to

  8. Lauren says

    Hi Lena,

    I’m looking for a jogger for my 10 month old daughter. She’s very tall for her age (off the charts). We have a 2008 bob stroller that a friend of ours gave us that she stopped using. It just seems old, and some of the straps are missing. I know I could get the straps replaced but I want something that is safe for my daughter and that we can use for several years. I’m not a serious runner, just looking for something for jogging and long distance walking that can go off road. I’m only 5’5″. Do you have any recommendations? And hopefully, not break the bank.



    • Lena says

      Jeep Overland is the first model to recommend here-it fits tall kids (spacious seat) and it’s not expensive.
      To be honest Jeep is not a spectacular stroller for the runners, as it rides a bit heavy. But in your case it seems that you don’t need the riding performance to be excellent – Jeep will be good for walking and speed walking.
      Good size&price – the winning combination in your case. In addition, Jeep has an adjustable handle – good option for short people. I’m same height and I always adjust my handle bar.

      If not Jeep, than try to get Joovy Zoom ATS or 360 on a craig list/used stroller. It has very long legs drop and good sized seat. New it is very expensive.

      Actually, in your place I’d try to revive BOB firstly and would use it until my child would outgrow it. During this time I’d monitor Jeep sales and craig list for Joovy.

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