Fashion For Moms – Strollnetics Magazine Mother’s Day Edition!


Moms, are you brave enough for funky designer leggings and loud printed dresses?

Fashion for Moms – highly addictive and completely intoxicating. Fashion that makes moms feel seriously cool!

Moms Love Fashion

We just have a million other things to do before we even think about what we are going to wear.

Our wardrobe should stay practical, comfortable and always ready-to-wear.
But we’re tired of the jeans and a t-shirt.

In order to select a moms-friendly designer items from Riga Fashion Week – we invited a style and fashion expert to help us make a choice.

Fabulos Brands from Riga Fashion Week.

We focused on the pieces that are good for Moms on the go, with or without a stroller.

Fabulous brands like QooQoo with its intoxicating creativity of funky prints, Pompidoo stylish camera bags that fits all mom’s stuff, KatyaKatya Shehurina feminine floating dresses, Anna Led’s delicately intellectual jumpsuits, Natalija Jansone’s chick&comfort casuals and Baltic Armani – Pojhanheimo Couture’s clean minimalist pieces.

How to buy from Strollnetics Fashion Magazine

All the items are available from the designer’s online stores via direct link. Just click on the item if you’d like to buy it. Shipping worldwide.
Use our promo code you’ll find inside – to get a special Mother’s Day Discount!

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