TOP 5 BEST Jogging Strollers 2015 and Reviews

Best Jogging Strollers 2012 Review Table

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TOP 5 Jogging Strollers of 2015 – prepare to be amazed!

So how does a jogging stroller get to be in my Top 5? I’m really tough on strollers!

Sports Performance and Real Life Usage – things that make a good Jogging Stroller. In my reviews I analyze what truly matters in a proper jogging stroller: How well it rides and how usable it is.

Walkingmama TOP 5 Jogging Strollers of 2015

Suitable for any kind of running, walking or rollerblading
You can see each stroller’s review by clicking on the picture
Note: there are few more jogging strollers that are worth looking at:
Jeep Overland, Tike Tech X3  and Mountain Buggy Terrain.
If you’d like to choose between all of them, go to our special Stroller Chooser!

TOP 5 Jogging Strollers

Top 5 Jogging Strollers of 2015 Bob Ironman single stroller Schwinn Instep Arrow single stroller Joovy Zoom ATS Single Stroller Baby Jogger F.I.T. Single Strolle Bob Sport Utility Stroller
Name BOB Ironman Instep/Schwinn Arrow Joovy Zoom ATS Baby Jogger FIT BOB Ironman Sport Utility
Sports Performance
Daily Usage
Walkingmama Rating
Handlebar Non-adjustable, height 40″ Adjustable, height up to 54.75″ Non-adjustable, height 42″ Non-adjustable, height 41″ Non-adjustable, height 40″
40x 50x 25 54.75x 40.5x 22.5 45x 50x 25 42.5x 48x 25.75 40x 50x 25
Seat &
Drop to footrest
70 degree recline,
headroom 21″, seat width 14.5″
Semi-horizontal recline, headroom 20″, seat width 14.5″ 70 degree recline, headroom 20-25″ (can be adjusted, check review), seat width 14″. Leg drop 13″ 70 degree recline, headroom 24.5″, seat width 12,6″ 70 degree recline, headroom 21″, seat width 14.5″


Coil spring suspension system with adjustable shock absorbers Exposed spring suspension Exposed spring suspension Front wheel shock absorbers Coil spring suspension system with adjustable shock absorbers
Wheels Aluminum, pneumatic, 16″ inch, 1.5″ tires Aluminum, pneumatic, 16″ Aluminum, pneumatic, 16″ inches 16″ molded polymer pneumatic tires 16″ polymer pneumatic wheels, 2″ knobby tires
Weight 23 lbs 20.5 lbs 26.8 lbs 25 lbs 26 lbs
Capacity 70 lbs 50 lbs 75 lbs 75 lbs 70 lbs
Car seat compatible Yes No No Yes Yes
Price from 299 USD from 165 USD from 290 USD from 240 USD from 315 USD
Click for BEST Price Best Price Best Price Best Price Best Price Best Price
Unique Features Advanced suspension system with elastomer core shock absorbers. Adjustable shock release knobs, adjustable tracking knob Adjustable handle bar, lightweight. Built-in MP3 speakers. Cup holders and cover included. Great one-step fold. No rear bar – for a better running experience. Longest leg drop – accommodates very tall kids.
Lots of extras (bike pump, rain cover, parent organizer)
Highest headroom thanks to the curved canopy roof. Advanced suspension system with elastomer core shock absorbers. Adjustable shock release knobs, adjustable tracking knob. Widest knobby tires
Weaknesses Non-adjustable handle bar, short seat back & leg drop. No accessories included. Semi-horizontal recline, medium grade fabrics, difficult to access shopping basket, some alignment issues. *No reflective tape on canopy. Quite big & bulky Non-adjustable handle bar, no shock absorbers. No accessories included. Non-adjustable handle bar, short seat back & leg drop. No accessories included.
User Manual BOB Ironman user manual Instep/Schwinn user manual Joovy Zoom user manual Baby Jogger FIT user manual BOB SUS user manual
read full review read full review read full review read full review read full review

Jogging Stroller’s Sports Performance

it’s all about easy roll, durability and safety

  • Performance – how easy it rides. An aluminum frame and large air-filled wheels are the things that ensure a good, easy ride. An adjustable/or high enough handle bar increases your performance as a runner, as it can be adjusted to suit your height.
  • Alignment – if the stroller doesn’t pull left or right. If it does, how easy is it to fix while on the go.
  • Durability – sturdy frame and all parts of the construction. Fewer plastic joints is better.
  • Off-road – how good the stroller’s suspension is at managing rough terrain.
  • Safety  –  a hand brake, wrist tether, quick & firm parking brakes, 5-point harnesses and reflection tape.
  • Style: a sporty look is truly an inspiration. The best jogging strollers look hot, sleek and ready for action!

Jogging Stroller’s Real Life Usage

considers how good a stroller is for daily duties. It includes ease of use, child’s comfort, storage and parents’ extras.

  • Ease of use is about folding, adjusting and harnesses. Folding – How small does it become and how easy is it to do it. How small is not important for jogging strollers, since there should be fewer plastic folded joints and a one-piece frame. How easy – you should be able to fold it alone and quickly. For amazing super-quick folding check out Joovy ATS. Adjusting: how easy is it to recline the seat. Using a belt is the best. Harnesses: 5-point harnesses that are wide enough, and quick and easy to open and close.
  • Child’s comfort includes:
    Reclining Seat with roomy interior. Roomy enough to sleep, sit and play in it. Curved canopy roof (as for Baby Jogger FIT) means more space for the child.
    Canopy: big and sturdy.
    The sun shade should go far over. A foot-rest with a longer drop allows bigger kids to extend their legs for comfortable sitting.
    Quality of fabrics: thick, preferably water-proof fabrics.
    Suspension: for a smooth ride over rough terrain and bumpy roads. An advanced suspension system with adjustable shocks ( BOB Ironman or BOB SUS) or simple but good spring suspensions (Joovy Zoom ATS and Instep/Schwinn Arrow). In fact, Baby Jogger FIT has no shocks and still rides smoothly.
  • Extra storage: a good jogging stroller allows you to bring everything you need for an entire day outdoors. A seat back net and a large underneath basket are musts.
    Parents’ organizers (cup holder consoles) and inner pockets are indeed very convenient, however, not essential.

6 things that make a jogging stroller

Check if your jogging stroller features the following:

Stroller’s features Why? Avoid
3- large, fixed, air-filled wheels Stability, smooth ride, easy to push, less rolling resistance, easy to maneuver. Snowy roads & beaches. Small wheels, solid wheels, swivel front wheel, double front wheel
One-piece aluminum frame Durability, safety, high weight capacity. Sporty look, lightweight and sturdy Rough edges and joints secured by plastic fittings. Metal frames – they are heavy and rust in humid climates.
Reclining seat Makes it possible for the child to sleep Vertical sitting canopies
A trunk/shopping basket For storing things and keeping your hands free while walking. To spend the whole day out with a fully-stocked stroller Models without a trunk – as they allow you to go out for just a short time
Handbrake & parking brakes The handbrake maintains form and pace when running downhill. Critical for rollerblading – for emergency braking Models with no parking brakes – as jogging strollers may roll off when left unattended.
Adjustable handle* To suit your height while running. Rollerblading requires a higher handle than running. A fixed handle that doesn’t suit your height.

*I found that only 1 out of the 5 best US jogging strollers have an adjustable handle – Schwinn/Instep Arrow. Jeep Overland and Tike Tech X3 Sport aren’t in my Top 5, though they all have an adjustable handle! Joovy Zoom ATS and Baby Jogger FIT strollers have a quite high handlebar that allows taller parents to have a decent run vs. BOB models.

All the best jogging strollers are equipped with a 5-point safety harness, safety wrist strap, have air-filled road tires and a good weather shield.

Parents’ extras

A weather shield (rain cover) is a must. Get a little pump so you can fill tires right on the go.

Jogging strollers look cool

I can’t help it – I just love them! If jogging strollers were cars, they would all be Ferraris!

How To Choose a Jogging Stroller

I often get requests for suggestions or recommendations on buying a jogging stroller.  In response to these inquires, 3 things need to be crystallized to get parents to the right track:

  • Ignore the Price & Brand Name
    What matters is the material and construction. Good strollers tend to cost more but are worth every penny. Still, remember: a fancy brand name is just a name, but a good sized seat, large air-filled wheels and a decent shopping basket is the stuff that matters. Think in the direction of the best that you can afford. A proper jogging stroller is going to be your best friend for years – so savings should not really dominate your choice.
  • Match the Purpose
    Figure out what you will be using the stroller for: spending the whole day out hiking or daily one-hour jogging near home? Marathon runners and rollerbladers need a fixed front wheel, high performance stroller, while moderate joggers can even get by with a swivel wheel.
    Real life demands a shopping basket and a reclining seat to be able to jog anytime – whether your child is awake or having a nap.
  • Big is Beautiful

Jogging strollers must be a decent size. I should be free to load it up and just go anywhere for a full day. It’s a little riding home for your child so it should be big and comfortable. Think less of whether it folds small enough to save space in your trunk. Some strollers are designed to take up as little as possible space in a trunk but are useless for even moderate walking. Make sure your stroller can take a full shopping bag on board on your way back home.

If you are willing to read some more tips on choosing a jogging stroller, here you go:

Cup holders and built-in mp3 players don’t matter that much

A lightweight frame, large underneath basket (never buy a stroller without this) and a roomy reclining seat are far more important. Focus on whether a stroller is reliable (simple and sturdy construction), good for sleeping (reclines quietly), and  has enough storage space (backseat net and underneath basket) to load it up and keep your hands free. Think less about maneuvering in crowded areas or collapsing the stroller in one second (after a while, you should be able to do this with just your two hands).

Take a fixed wheel if you’re serious about sport and swivel if you’re not

If you’re going to run or do inline skating with the stroller – you never want a swivel wheel. For sandy trails (beaches) or snowy roads – a swivel is okay since you will be fixing it anyway. A swivel wheel jogging stroller is acceptable for walking, if you really have to have it.

Test drive it if you can

When testing it:

  • check how easy it rolls
  • whether it goes straight (just push the empty stroller forward and check that it doesn’t pull left or right)
  • how well is it balanced –  it should stand firmly on the ground with a full diaper bag on the stroller’s handle.
  • does the handle fit your height – can you run freely, stretching to a maximum step length?
  • check extra seat space –  for your child’s head and legs. Children grow very fast. So put your child in and recline the seat to get the full picture.

If buying online – read reviews and pay attention to these points rather than how much the stroller weighs or if the model has a rain cover included (you can always buy it separately). Can this stroller be loaded up for a whole day out? Can you let your child sleep in the stroller and store all the stuff you usually need? Can you still squeeze in some stuff from the grocery store on your way back home? Read the stroller’s user manual if you have any doubts.

If you have any questions on choosing a stroller – please pop over to the Just Ask section and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

It’s personal and it’s free.

No Sweet Expert Jogging Stroller Reviews

In my reviews, I totally ignore parents’ complaints about a jogger’s heavy steering just because of a fixed front wheel. Jogging strollers are designed for straight lines, not for the hustle and bustle of a shopping mall. For easy maneuvering, choose a swivel wheel jogging stroller but forget about serious running or rollerblading with it. See my swivel post on why.
I also don’t pay attention to the flat tire complaints– it’s not the stroller’s fault. It happens with any air-filled tires. Use a tire sealant and forget about it.

Walkingmama  Experience

I’ve done more than 5,000 miles with my stroller during 4 years of intense daily walking, stroller fitness and rollerblading with the stroller. Since my son was used to having his daily nap in the stroller, I walked every single day for hours on end – in all seasons, in any weather and on all terrains: city streets, parks, beaches, forest paths, up-hill/down-hill and on snowy roads.



    • Lena says

      Hey there and thanks for your question!

      My opinion is quite controversial on Baby Jogger Performance: its sports performance is simply blistering. You are as much fast with it as without it. Very nice run. Great shocks.

      I was not satisfied with the Real Life usage: a seat doesn’t recline and there’s no underneath basket for storage. So this stroller is solely for the back-and-forth-running, and less for the long miles excursions: I believe the reclining seat is a must for the child.
      Than I found, actually, that the under seat storage basket can be purchased separately: that’s good news and one cons off:-)

      The reason I haven’t reviewed it in my Top because this model is discontinued. You still can find this stroller on Amazon, though.

      My conclusion is: Baby Jogger Performance the perfect stroller for the serious running. And less so for the daily usage.

      • jb says

        Thank you for your answer.
        I ended up buying a used one for a few dollars. Not the one I posted the link, but the older version with 16″ wheels. Let’s see how it rolls …

        • Lena says

          You’re welcome!
          Sounds like a good deal! Hope you’ll enjoy your stroller!
          Always welcome to share your experience with us!

    • Lena says

      Hi Yvonne,

      Mountain Buggy is the only swivel wheel stroller that looks confidently good at least for the moderate jogging.
      I like everything: suspension, basket, follow the sun canopy,folding, adjustable handle and great wide legs drop.

      The swivel wheel is the only reason why I haven’t reviewed this stroller in my TOP Jogging strollers.
      I review only fixed wheel strollers as these are suitable for serious exercises: jogging, running, rollerblading (read here why)

      If your intension is walking and maybe just a slow jogging – this stroller is definitely worth to consider!

    • Lena says

      Hi Jennifer,

      I wish I could help but, unfortunately, I can’t do much here. Only if I’ll have twins some day:-)
      Double strollers are quite specific. What I can assume is that the lightness and maneuverability are important: check Schwinn Instep Arrow Double and BOB SUS Duallie jogging strollers. These looks good to me.

      Wish you a good buy!

  1. Kristin says

    Hi Lena,

    I’m researching jogging strollers for my first baby/stroller. I’m thinking that the Schwinn Arrow will work out well for me, but am wondering if I should also buy a regular swivel wheel stroller in addition to the jogging one.

    • Lena says

      Hi Kristin,

      In my humble opinion, I would say – not necessarily.

      Schwinn Arrow (good choice, by the way!) isn’t THAT bulky. I agree with the JB comment (and really thanks for commenting, you have the point!) about the grocery and a restaurants. With some models it might be challenging. But it’s not a rule.

      I spend 3 years days and nights with the only jogging stroller going everywhere: streets, fields, parks, malls, narrow (yep, in Europe) groceries and restaurants, than ferries,trains, airports and even a boat:-) Always finding the way how to manage with my fixed wheel stroller. It wasn’t that huge as BOB or Joovy Zooom. That’s why I can’t entirely agree that you need another stroller in your case.

      My recommendation is – get Schwinn and give it a try. Go everywhere you need to go, try to get into that harrow aisle of your grocery and the restaurants.
      If you’ll see – you can’t really manage your everyday life with the Schwinn – than yes – buy a second-hand swivel. But, actually, swivels are nearly as much bulky as fixed jogging strollers. In case you desperately need to get into that narrow grocery – I would consider a little umbrella stroller/pushchair – it’s smaller and less expensive. Would fit into your trunk, but (and can almost promise that) will stay in your trunk most of the time:-)

      Hope it helps. And you always will have a chance to spend a money. Just wait and you’ll see if you really need that.

      Let me know how are you doing with your Schwinn!

      Have a great day and keep walking:-)!


  2. jb says

    Hi Kristin,

    I would say that yes, you should buy another stroller !
    Jogging strollers are usually longer that any compact “urban” stroller, and the fixed front wheels will make you miserable in the aisle of your grocery store. Additionally, they are still bulky when folded. Not great to put it behind the chair at a restaurant.
    I am using 2 strollers for these reasons, and because in my opinion those “all-in-one” strollers (Bob Revolution-like) are not best at anything.
    We have a Micralite Toro to go around the city (it stands up when folded, this is a very nice feature), and a Baby Jogger 2 to go on our running routine, and it is always a nice ride wherever we’re going.
    One last suggestion, still based on my purchases: don’t underestimate used strollers. I got my jogging stroller used (as baby Jogger discontinued this model) for $40! (I saw prices from $25 to $120 on ebay/craigslist) and it does the job more than nicely, I totally love it and wouldn’t trade it for any other!

    Hope this will help you !

    • Lena says

      Hi JB and thanks for commenting!

      You have your point, I agree with you to some extend. I think a need for a second stroller is really depend on a model of your jogging stroller and the lifestyle that you have. Some parents prefer special stroller for every occasion, like jogging stroller just for running, than small umbrella stroller for a shopping mall or a restaurant; some manage everything with just one jogging stroller, as they spend lots of time out, walking, jogging and shopping on the way back home – perfectly good with a jogging stroller, especially if it’s not really huge one.
      I really think that it’s rather matter of a personal choice and a lifestyle.

      Again, thanks for commenting – I really appreciate that!
      Have a great day!
      P.S. you comment about the “all-in-one’stroller is brilliant! Agree!

    • Lena says

      Hi Nicole,

      The only difference of these two fabulous strollers is a front wheel: Joovy Zoom 360 has a smaller swivel front wheel 12″, but Joovy ATS has bigger 16″ fixed front wheel.
      For a daily life these two strollers are equally great (well, perhaps with a small comment that Joovy Zoom 360 is slightly better for maneuvering in a shopping mall:-); the main difference is for a sport usage: Joovy 360 used for a speed walking and light(!) jogging (not running and never rollerblading); while Joovy ATS manages everything: speed walking, jogging, running and rollerblading.

      Hope it helps. Feel free to ask if you have more questions.

      Have a great day!

      • Kimberly Stedman says

        Hi There! I have a very tall 3 year old….he just turned 3 and is 46 pounds, less his gear! I am having a hard time finding a jogging stroller for dirt paths (we live in VT) that will support his height. It looks like the BOB SUS doesn’t support tall kids….any ideas? Thanks!!

        • Lena says

          Hi Kimberly,

          For the taller kids – I would recommend a Joovy Zoom ATS or Baby Jogger FIT. Both are excellent jogging strollers just it’s a matter or taste which one to choose. FIT’s seat is slightly more narrow than Joovy’s (but still my 4 1/2 y.o was very comfortable in it) but offers a highest seat back thanks to its curved roof. Joovy’s seat is slightly wider, which makes the stroller bigger and perhaps more bulky – but I’m always saying – big is beautiful when it comes to the strollers:-)

          Hope it helps and don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have more questions!

  3. Rebecca says

    I have a tall 3 yo and a 6mo. Do not want a double. I’ve been looking at the Valco Trimode EX. I like the option of being able to attach the toddler seat or standing bar for every day usage. Any thoughts on this brand and model? Thanks!

    • Lena says

      Thanks for your question!
      Unfortunately, I can’t give you my 100% confident verdict, as I review the jogging strollers and mostly the fixed wheel jogging strollers.
      But by looking to the Valco Trimode EX I kinda like it:-) I seems very good idea to convert a single stroller into a double.

      Regarding the ability to actually run – with Valco I really doubt this, as the wheels are small and front wheel is swivel, and, most important, with the toddler seat attached – too much bouncing/jiggling for the child sitting there. I believe, this stroller is great for the daily usage/walking and not for jogging or running.
      But – I never tried, it just my perception.

      I like the Valco Trimode review here:

      Just I couldn’t figure out whether the seat reclines – try to find this, as it is very important.

      Hope it helps and I wish you a good purchase!

  4. Tiffany Johns says

    Have you tried the Tike Tech all Terrain x3 sport? I’m looking into it as my second jogger. I have the Jeep now and it didn’t last long.

  5. Nana says

    Our daughter-in-law, Liz, chose the BOB Revolution SE (I don’t think she is quite as serious as you about jogging)! She loves it but wishes she had the duallie now since she has 2 small children. Thanks for sharing your jogging expertise!

  6. Jessie Jones says

    Help! I am a first time purchaser of a jogging stroller, I am looking for something something that’s compatible with an infant carrier and something that’s not extremely pricey! I was looking at the Jeep overland limited but don’t see a compatibility with carriers and there have been a few recalls recently on Jeep strollers. I am more of a walker /speed walker than a jogger but go on trails and dirt roads. Any ideas of what is best to go with?

    • Lena says

      Hi Jessie,

      Tike Tech X3 is a car compatible, as well as BOB strollers and Baby Jogger FIT
      Unfortunately, more affordable strollers, like Jeep and Schwinn Instep Arrow are no car compatible.
      re: Schwinn Turismo: yes, it is car seat compatible but not a running stroller actually (similar to Baby Trend Expedition)
      My recommendation is: if you’re serious about jogging/running than you’ll have to search amongst fixed wheels strollers. For the rough roads/off-road I would recommend Tike Tech X3 (really smooth ride) and for the paved/asphalted a Baby Jogger FIT (this has no shock absorbers, so I wouldn’t recommend it for the tiny babies as well)

      Hope it helps and drop me a line if you have any further questions!

  7. amber says

    Hey I wanted to jump in because we have the Schwinn tourismo stroller and I am IN LOVE. Some feature you said were lacking with this model are awesome features with the tourismo. It is car seat compatible, reclines almost completely back (perfect for our 4 month old to take a nap in) and the front wheel swivels and has a locking mechanism tthat you can stop the swiveling. It actually has a speaker in the canopy to hook up music and play to your child. I searched long and hard for a stroller that we were going to love but was trying not to spend the money on a BOB, although I know that is a great stroller as well. Just thought I would throw the tourism out there as one of the best strollers for the year :) I would buy ours over and over again!

    • Lena says

      Hi Amber,
      Thanks for sharing with us!
      I’m going to write about the swivel wheels strollers soon, so will definitely include your comment!
      Did I get you correct, you have Turismo for almost 4 months? Are you running/jogging with it? On which roads are you using it (paved, off-road?)
      Thank you very much!

      Have a good day and keep walking!

  8. Diana says

    Amazon has some of the best reviews regarding strollers. Here is a list of the best of the best reviews and biggest discounts: Really happy with the one that I picked. Hope this helps.

  9. says

    I have an old Schwinn Jogger. It was actually given to me when my daughter was born. As far as I can tell, the design hasn’t changed much over the years. I am a huge fan of this jogger, especially for the price. It may not be as pretty as the BOB, but it get’s the job done.

  10. Ashley says

    Hi, I was wondering if you have tried out the new Graco Fast action fold jogger? If you have, what are your thoughts? I know that is on the cheaper side, but from the looks of it, it seems comparable to some of the more expensive jogging strollers on the market.

    • Lena says

      Hello Ashley,

      Thanks for your question! No I haven’t tried the Graco strollers. From the look it’s okay for the moderate jogging and walking but not for the running or any other speedy exercises due to a front swivel wheel.
      And because of that I can’t compare it with any of top jogging strollers, however it can be good stroller though.

      I would recommend choosing the stroller based from what type of activities would you undertake with it!
      Hope it helps!

  11. Cydney says

    I’m a soon-to-be new mom and have been completely overwhelmed by all the choices of jogging strollers. The hardest part was knowing what questions to ask and what features are most important and functional. Your reviews have been MOST helpful!! THANK YOU!!

    Cydney M

    • Lena says

      Hello Cydney,

      Thanks for the feedback! Choosing stroller isn’t easy, I know that! Have you made your choice already? Keep us informed!
      With best wishes,

  12. rafe h says

    Hi, we are buying our first stroller and we like to have a jogging stroller because both of us like to run, one question, do you know why is to hard to find a jogging stroller with an almost flat bed? Most of them are 70% inclination, so far just because your commens the Schwinn Turismo / Instep are the only ones good for a nap time , any others out there?
    Thank you

  13. Michelle says

    Is baby trend expedition jogging stroller even one to consider in the realm of jogging strollers? I know it’s not on the list, but I am having my first baby and I had been wanting to get the Joovy but my parents are purchasing the stroller as my gift and wanted to get the baby trend one because they are more familiar with the brand and thought it was better than the joovy. I don’t want to get stuck with a crappy jogger, I do triathlons and look forward to stroller running/jogging daily for exercise when I have my baby.

    • jb says

      Hi Michelle,

      I considered the Baby trend expedition at some point, when I wanted to buy a travel system. Then I found this video :
      Of course, one can argue that it might be an isolated case, but this totally turned me away not only from the Expedition, but from any travel system with a lockable swivel.
      I send you back to my post of may 1st, above. I eventually opted for a stroller dedicated to running, in addition to the regular urban stroller. 1 year and many miles later, I still have the same opinion.
      If you have room to store 2 strollers, it is what I would recommend, especially if you are serious about running, and if you are a triathlete, I believe you are !

      • Lena says

        Thanks for the excellent point. This is exactly why I keep telling that the only running (and jogging) strollers are those with the fixed front wheel. Thanks so much for the perfect illustration.

    • Lena says

      Hi Christen,

      Consider BOB SUS or Tike Tech X3 models. To suggest you further I need to know your child’s age: Tike Tech isuits babies perfectly as has a great shocks. BOB SUS seat might be already too short for 2-3 years old kids. But both models are excellent for the off road.

  14. Diana says

    Anyone heard of – AZON DEAL UPDATER (just google it)? They have a little golden box that spits out discount promos for any product on Amazon up to 99% off. Bought my sister a nice jogging stroller from Amazon yesterday and I got a discount off of the already discounted price. Must have been my lucky day, going to use their little widget from now on when shopping on Amazon.

  15. Running Mama says

    Did you ever try the Sub4? Reviews are very hard to find. I’d love your thoughts versus the Ironman.

    • Lena says

      Hi there,

      Yest I know Sub4 – and my review is in process. A few thoughts: it’s a stroller designed for sports more than for the real life, which means you gonna need another “everyday” stroller: less shiny but at least with the shopping basked, reclining seat and probably little bit more compact. At a glace – Sub 4’s running performace is unbeaten. But if you’d ask me – which stroller to have if it would be my only stroller – I’d go for BOB, Joovy, Baby Jogger ect. Sadly but I need all those “real life” things even if I find a sports perfoprmance of Sub better.. If I would have extra 900$ to spend on a stroller – I would definately buy it in addition to my quality daily stroller.

  16. Toni says

    I may have missed this above somewhere, but what stroller do you own and what’s the age of your child? Thanks!

    • Lena says

      Hi Tony,
      I used to own Xlander Xrun and my son is seven already. I’m expecting my second child and have to make my choice soon:-) Most probably I’ll take Joovy Zoom ATS (if it will be still available)

      • Toni says

        Thanks! How/why did you choose these two over a BOB stroller? My son is 2 & I’m just now getting back into jogging, but I have no prior experience with jogging strollers so I’m trying to do a little research so any insight you can provide is much appreciated! Thanks!

        • Lena says

          XLander XRun was the only available in Europe by that time – so this made my choice:-) With Joovy I typically recommend it over Bob for the kids older than two. BOB strollers have a little short seatback – and compare to Joovy much shorter leg’s drop. So Joovy will last just longer. It’s accommodates even 5 y.o. This makes sense, especially when both BOB and Joovy are in the same price range. Some parents like Joovy’s extras included (like rain shield, parent’s console and a pump) It’s a nice think, of course, but this is not why one stroller is better than another. So Joovy is bigger and that’s the deal maker for me. All the other features are identical to Bob. Same first grade quality, well thought design. Hope it helps!

    • Lena says

      Hello Mary,
      Chariots are great – I didn’t hear single bad thing about them.
      For the parents who love to bike & combine with jogging – an excellent choice. I wish the seat would recline – but you can’t have it all:-)
      I haven’t tried any myself but from the look Chariot CX is worth to give a chance:-)

      • Mary says

        Yes, I agree I wish it would recline as well. Also they kind of look bulky. I need something easy & fast to put in my van. It’s hard enough getting motivated 2go for a walk but if the stroller requires a lot of work 2load it’s going 2make it harder to want 2go. I am looking for a jogging stroller mainly for jogging/long walks like 5-10miles and hiking. To take my 4year old daughter with me. I don’t really need it for everyday use since she is 4 but I might use it at a theme park or something (& if I ever have more kids). Right now I’m just trying to get a lot of exercise in while the weather is warm. I once saw a jogging stroller that could move the handle to where the child would face you or away from you. I really liked that but never saw one like that again, have u?. What stroller would you recommend for long hikes, really long walks & some jogging?

        • Lena says

          Hi Mary,

          Sorry for replying so late. There’s no much choice for on the market: it’s either Joovy Zoom ATS or Jeep Overland (first one preferable)
          Bob’s are too short for them, as well as Tike Tech X3 and Schwinn Arrow. You might try Baby Jogger Fit – my 4 and1/2 old son used to ride in it with quite a confort, but he’s a petite guy.
          Joovy Zoom ATS is the most safe choice.

  17. Nancy says

    hi! I understand we cant’actually jog with babies until they are 6 months old or more. But, can we use jogging strollers for newborns just for walking? could you recommend a good one that reclines? that way i don’t have to buy another stroller when he is 6 months. thank you!

    • ActiveMama says

      I have a Bugaboo Donkey. It is spendy, but avoids the need for any future stroller. It can go mono, duo or twin & has the capability to attach a footboard for an older child. Also, there is a bassinet for newborns & you can attach a maxi cosi infant car seat also- one of the safest in the industry. The wheels can be locked for jogging & I love it!

      If you go with a true “jogger” you should be able to attach a compatible infant car seat for use under 6 months. I would not recommend walking with an infant under 6 months as their head control is the concern and the potential that their breathing may be jeopardized. This is especially dangerous given that most children in joggers do not face you. Another thing I love about the donkey is that my child can be forward or rear facing and the regular seat fully reclines once the bassinet or car seat become too small.

      Ps. I don’t work for Bugaboo! I just LOVE my stroller!

      • Lena says

        Active Mama, thanks for the comment! I love Donkey, too, just have always doubted it’s jogging/running performance – so what can you tell us more about that? I’d really appreciate your feedback! Thanks a lot!

        • ActiveMama says

          I use my Bugaboo every day and alternate speed walking and sprinting. It’s fantastic. My husband enjoys jogging with it also. Daily mileage is 4-8 miles for the past 2 years on weekdays and more on weekends.

          The handlebar can be raised and lowered to varying heights which is extraordinarily useful in allowing for proper posture.

          The front wheels have a surprisingly good amount of play when locked, allowing maneuverability around turns, unless they are hairpin turns, but I don’t believe any true jogging stroller can manage those well as I understand it.

          Shock absorption over bumps is fabulous as would be expected for an all terrain stroller (we have also taken it hiking on dirt trails – amazing- through snow, sand etc).

          The stroller is heavy, I am uncertain how much easier a lighter weight model would be to push. We just bought a Chariot to pull behind our bikes and find it much less enjoyable to run with than the Bugaboo, although fabulous for biking.

          The rumor mill says Bugaboo is coming out with a true running stroller. When I have no idea, but I know that as much as I love my Donkey, I’d definitely buy it.

          For us the Donkey has been our single best baby investment, but we use it more than our cars!!

          • Lena says

            Active Mama,
            Thank you so much! I was never thinking of Donkey as a jogging stroller – now I see that I must give a try to it and even write a review! Will see if Bugaboo could give me one for a test:-)
            Chariott is great for biking, yes, and less so for pushing. I agree!
            Donkey weights 28 lbs, which is kinda heavy, compare to average 23-26 lbs for a jogger, and Schwinn Arrow weights only 20 lbs..Still, Donkey is versatile model so that’s where the extra pounds are coming from. Still, it’s a matter of time to get used to slightly heavier stroller, right?:-)

    • Lena says

      Hi Nancy,

      Jogging is not recommended. Walking is okay if the car seat can be attached to the jogger. I must say – some moms do jog with their 2-3 months old babies is a jogging strollers – personally I can’t support this, unless the jogger has a full recline or a basinet (best case)
      So walking is allright with the car seat.
      Now about the jogging strollers: there’re quite few of those which are the car seat compatible or has a full recline or a basinnet option. Take a look at a Mountain Buggy Terrain (has a bassinet for the newborns, as well as the car seat option). Bogaboo Donkey – yes, worth to consider, too ( although it’s a bit pricey and can’t be called a real jogger, but since you’re not planning to do the marathons – okay for moderate jogging)
      Baby Jogger FIT has an attachable car seat, too, but the ride can be quite rough, as FIT has no chock absorbers – so again, jogging/walking is alright but not running etc
      Tike Tech X3 – has a car seat option plus extremely smooth ride. The price is twice less vs Mountain Buggy – it’s worth to have a look at it!

      Hope it helps!

      • Nancy says

        Thank you! i had never actually heard of all these brands! i’m a first time mom :) I currently live in central america, and we mostly see the BAby trend LX or the BOB Revolution. I would assume the BOB is much better and has an accessory to attach a car seat. Do you think the BOB would be a good option? Oh I’ve seen some Jeep’s too.

  18. says

    I’m looking to run almost daily on a dirt path and 26.2 a few times on city streets. I haven’t been able to test drive the BOB SUS or BOB IronMan Sport Utility. Can you help with any suggestions? The coach part of me is looking for a stroller that I’d pull rather than push. Is there a stroller that you pull on the market?

    • ActiveMama says

      Call Phil & Ted’s and ask about their Sub4. Maybe they’ll let you test it out since there aren’t many reviews on it. It’s made for marathoners. Their customer service is excellent and they will be honest about what they believe will best suit you, their brand or no.

      • Lena says

        Sub4 is on my list for a review, that’s right! It’s an impressive jogger made for the dedicated runners. I like almost everything except the non-reclining seat..Still you can’t have it all. Need to try it before giving my final opinion! So my Sub4 review will come soon hopefully, if I get one to test..

    • Lena says

      Hi David,

      Thanks for the question! My immediate answer is no – there’s no stroller you can pull, simply because it’s considered unsafe for the child (you can’t watch% constroll the stroller and see the baby etc).
      One accessory I saw that allow you to run hands free is this one adaptor (still, how no idea how convenient it is, sorry:-)

      If choosing between Ironman or SUS – it’s really almost the same, except SUS is better for bumby roads& dirt paths, so if you run mostly on this kind of surfaces, I believe SUS is better for you. Again, be careful how old your child is, as BOB’s are tend to became short for already 3 years old kids, so buy it if your kiddo is stil under 1 y.o. so that your stroller would last longer:-) Otherwise – excellent sports performance, really good choice!

  19. says

    I have a very tall almost 4 year old. I love to walk quickly and jog some while exercising. We live on the third floor so easy folding and carrying would be great. I do like the swivel wheel with lock option if possible but not a necessity. I just want my child to be comfortable. What do you recommend?

    Thanks for all that you do to inspire moms to stay fit while having children.

    • Lena says

      Hello Abby,

      Thanks for your question!
      There’s not much choice out there, taking into account that you need a roomy seat and a long legs drop for your tall kid.
      This will be our main critera: have a look at Joovy Zoom ATS (fixed) or Joovy Zoom 360 (swivel). It’s quite bulky but – fold is amazing, the best amongst the joggers and the same I can tell about the size: big gorgeous stroller.
      Another option would be the Mountain Buggy Terrain: a little bit heavier but still good sized (seatback at 19″, seat to canopy 23′ vs 18″ and 25′ of Joovy ), and a long leg drop at 9.5″ vs 13′ of Joovy. Folding is less trilling, too, compare to Joovy.
      Still, these two are the largest models so look no further if you need a good sized stroller. I’d take Joovy, still, because of longer legs drop (very important for the taller kids)
      Hope it helps!

  20. Lynelle says

    Hi there! I’m in the market for a double jogging stroller that’s the best for hiking and regular use. Of course I want all the best options like the basket and comfort etc. If I’m going to spend a lot of $ then I want to be able to use it for both. Thanks!

  21. Stephanie says

    Hi Leana,

    I got the Graco performance jogging stroller for my baby shower, I am very grateful, but I was thinking of returning it for the Bob. I do triathlons, and I seldom go hiking but I go for a jog, and speed walk. What do you think?

    • Lena says

      Hi Stephanie,

      You’re absolutely right. Bob jogging strollers: SUS or Ironman are certainly better for sports. You’ll need a fixed front wheel, especially for hiking. Besides, Graco is 3 lbs heavier than Ironman – each pound counted, believe me, when it goes to running/jogging with a stroller:-) I also strongly recommend a hand break (Graco doesn’t have it, am I right?).
      So to me it’s clear if you’re serious about any kind of sports (doing triathlon I’m sure you know a lot about the sports gear), you need a good sports performance stroller. Yes BoB Ironman is in your case more suitable stroller!

  22. says


    First time dad and very confused on what to look at. I’ve read your article, looked through others, and read through your comments. I am between BOB Revolution SE and JEEP Overland, but you keep mentioning the Joovy. Any thoughts to what you’d recommend? BTW he will be a boy, not sure if gender matters as for some reason the BOB has “female” listed within the specs of the stroller on Amazon. Thanks for your time.

    • Walkingmama says

      Hi Seth,

      I can’t help with your stroller choice, but I will say gender may matter. My first is a son and he is very tall – still over the 99th percentile having recently turned 2. Some strollers have a maximum height which would not work for us for that reason. We have a Bugaboo Donkey & he’s just about too tall at this point. Technically he can still fit. We won’t make it to 3. We purchased a Thule Chariot Chinook for our bikes and are now using that as our stroller. It glides beautifully well and accommodates his height much better. When looking at strollers, if there is potential your child may be tall, I’d read up on height capacity, otherwise gender shouldn’t matter as far as I can tell.

      • says

        Hi Sorry, we actually already have our stroller. We are just confused on the jogger. I’ve looked and narrowed it down to the Joovy 360 and the BOB Revolution SE. The BOB gets A LOT of love, so was curious on them…I’ve read some cons on the Joovy, but still seems promising. Thanks.

        • Walkingmama says

          You still may want to consider height if you haven’t. For what it’s worth almost all of my friends and relatives own BOB strollers and they haven’t been enamored.

          Another good resource, give Phil & Ted’s a call. They have a Sub 4 and were really impartial in comparing it to other joggers I was looking at, so much so I didn’t go with theirs because it wasn’t best for me. They’re a very knowledgable staff and most of them own other strollers/joggers.

        • Lena says

          Hi Seth,
          Sorry for a bit delayed answer.
          I wouldn’t consider gender as the criteria, rather how tall your boy is going to be:-) BOBs are awesome, that’s thrue, still Joovy is more safe option in terms of baby’s height. It’s simply larger.
          BTW Jeep Overland is quite big stroller, too (of course, sports performance isn’t that spectacular as BOB or Joovy)
          Sub4 is an ultimate runner, what I dislike is that the seat doesn’t recline fully (thinking about comfort sleeping)
          What I would recommend is – get the BOB, as you will start using it very early – will last for sure till 2 1/2 years by any means.
          Joovy I typically recommend for the older kids to have a room to grow.
          Hope it helps!

  23. Danilo Miranda says

    Hi, I have an 8 year old son. I am in doubt which jogging stroller buying. Can you help me?
    Thank you

  24. Courtney says

    Hi I have an almost 4 year old. She is average size maybe a little on the taller side. I currently have a Schwinn arrow. I absolutely love this stroller but after almost 4 years it is worn and the bottom storage almost has a hole in it. My daughter loves running with me. We usually do anywhere from 3-4 miles on the road and then a lot of side walk running which tend to be bumpy but she does not mind at all. Anyways I am looking to buy a new stroller that will hopefully last us at least 2 more years. I thought the Joovy Zoom ATS would be perfect but it is discontinued :( and I cannot find it anywhere. Is there another jogging stroller you could recommend for me? Thanks so much for your time!


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