Why I walk and never run

Walkingmama walking down the street with the son

First of all, I don't want to say "ditch running and go walking!" Running is beautiful; it's healthy and I deeply respect people who run or jog, and I'm not even talking about marathons. Those people are like super athletes to me. I'd like to talk … [Read more]

My Pregnancy Diary Part Two: Sports Again!

Walkingmama My Pregnancy Diary Second Trimester In Sports Again

In my first post, I mainly complained about how bad I felt, and how little of my old self I recognized, in terms of moving and doing sports. But, I'm happy to say, after I became an unwilling (almost) vegetarian, things changed for the … [Read more]

Lean Food Recipes: Five Herb Chicken Nuggets

Five Herb Chicken Nuggets

How to turn Nuggets into a Michelin restaurant dish I never thought I'd be writing about recipes in my sporty walking blog! :-) Still, I am a mom and I like to cook. What I don't like are long, time-consuming recipes - complicated dishes that … [Read more]

Venus is back!

Sporty mom with the stroller_summer

Our Strollnetics role model Venus has returned with a new post! We're excited that she's back on track (or back on her feet) after months of procrastination. We all know how easy it is to drop fitness habits and how hard it is to find the … [Read more]

I don’t eat cakes unless I’m in the Ritz


  I do love sweets. Every morning, I typically eat in a nice bakery and I always order a dessert after my dinner. Am I big and fat? Not yet :-) So why do we treat sweets like our figure's worst enemies? To answer this question, I … [Read more]

Jogging Stroller Chooser

Stroller chooser

Ultimate Stroller Chooser Slot Machine Wondering which jogging stroller to buy? Find your new stroller by price and specs. Try our NEW Stroller Chooser! I wish choosing a jogging stroller wasn’t so complicated. I wish moms didn’t have to wade … [Read more]

What’s your after-work routine?

sup riding

Maximizing your after-work time In a survey carried out by Bloomberg Business Week, six successful multi-taskers shared how they maximize their after-work time. These executives (3 men and 3 women) spoke about what they do after they finish work for … [Read more]